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Building Projects

Our building and renovation services include services that cover the interior as well as the exterior of a building. These services concern both the aesthetic upgrade of these premises as well as the reduction of the energy requirements of the building and their modernization, according to the needs of each respective client.

We take on construction projects of all types and sizes:

Private homes
Business spaces
Retail stores
Industrial facilities
Tourist accommodations

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Electromechanical Works

We offer the installation of electromechanical facilities on large scale projects with high construction requirements and specifications.

We undertake the installation of substations, low and medium voltage networks, grounding systems and lightning protection systems, structured cabling and general electromechanical projects of all kinds in the private and public sectors.

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Building Maintenance

We provide full support and maintenance of our clients’ facilities.

We offer preventive and correctional maintenance services, as well as technical management and operation of building facilities.

Preventive maintenance: we conduct periodic inspections of electromechanical facilities, check for their proper operation and ensure the necessary adjustments of all equipment and machinery.

Corrective maintenance: this includes the rapid resolution of sudden failures so as to ensure the uninterrupted service of our clients’ facilities.

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Gas Stations

The services we offer gas stations includes the complete construction and maintenance of all the specialized electromechanical facilities. 

We are in charge from the initial excavation stage until the final installation stage of the necessary mechanical and electrical equipment. The constant training of our employees in the fields of security and new technologies have ensured our specialization in this specific demanding industry.